Building a Deck of Cards


Some of the blocks pulled out.

One of my friends grew up playing card games with her dad and has very fond memories of doing so. As hes gotten older, he has lost the ability to be able to hold a fan of cards in a hand in front of him, and its been years since they played card games together. So she came up with an idea and asked me to help her build it.

This is what we did.

Simply, we took a 2×4 and cut 54 – 1″ chunks and then trimmed a deck of playing cards to fit on the faces and glued them on.


The blocks all lined up inside the box.

Then, to play with them, you lay them face down like dominoes and spread them around, and then just draw from the pile to get your hand. You can stack your hand in front of you on the table instead of holding them in your hand.

Since carrying a ton of these little blocks around is kinda difficult, I took some old scrap wood plywood and measured how long x wide x tall the blocks stacked on top of each other in two rows deep and two rows wide and 13 rows length and added a little bit for wiggle room. (~1/4).

(sorry, ive forgotten the real dimensions)


Showing the lid, but not yet attached with hinges.

We simply screwed these together and put a lid with a few small hinges on it. Nothing too fancy.


  1. This was the best gift I gave this Christmas to my Dad; thanks for making this dream a possibility! We will have many fun memories playing with it:)

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