Why I Do This 

A huge passion of mine is figure out how stuff works, and then taking that knowledge and applying it to something new. My goal for this site is to be able to take what I’ve learned and turn it into something that is helpful for you. I’m attempting to take bits and pieces from the design, engineering, and homesteading worlds and mash them all together into fun, easy, bite sized projects that you can tackle in a weekend.


Each project is designed with cost in mind. Sometimes you gotta pay to make stuff look good, but finding the line between “inexpensive” and “cheap” is my specialty. 


It’s easy to make something pretty, and it’s easy to make something functional, but to make something functional AND pretty is incredibly uncommon. That’s my goal with every project. Something to build that’s useful and you can show off. 


 Each project is designed so that you can learn a new skill, be it woodworking, animal husbandry, or programming. Each project focuses on a few core techniques or skills. You’ll be showing off to your friends in no time.


I vastly prefer to reuse old material vs buying everything new. I’ve got half a garage of spare parts and materials saved up over the years just waiting for a new home. Finding a use for discarded items in a new project can be very rewarding.


All the projects are designed with real materials. I don’t like pallet furniture that you see on pinterest, and I don’t like particleboard furniture you get at Walmart. Terrible materials = terrible furniture. You’ll find that DIY with real materials is just as inexpensive as store bought stuff, and will last much, much longer.

Everything I design for this site is done with the desire to inspire you to do the same. Try something new, learn a new skill, build a piece of furniture that your kids will own one day, raise chickens and collect eggs in the morning...

Who am I? 

This site is run by just me, Sam, with support from my wife. Right now, this is a hobby for me on nights and weekends, and everything on this site was done in our home. Nothing fancy. This site is run off donations from “Buy Me a Coffee” and through affiliate links that I post in each project that link to parts and tools that I used.

Just a bit about me…

  • graduated from Clemson in 2010 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics
  • got married in 2011
  • moved to Dallas in 2012
  • currently working as an engineering project manager

I love my wife, music,  inventing, designing, learning, reading, my family, dogs/pretty much all animals, and God.

If it flies, moves, drives, runs, generates, or does anything on its own, I’m interested. I am always rebuilding something, tearing something else apart, or making something new.

I wanted to build this site to inspire folk to try new and fun things, and to teach them how I built stuff. My projects will probably be centered around woodworking, gardening, electronics tinkering, animal husbandry, and computers. But who knows. Don’t hold me to that list, because I love learning new things about new topics. This is gonna be all over the place.

Legal Stuff 

Disclaimer of Liability and Warranties: All of these projects are performed at your own risk. Like with any DIY project, unfamiliarity with the tools and process can be dangerous. Please take the time to read about the techniques involved and familiarize yourself with new tools before diving in.

Safety Tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with all the instructions, tools, and materials before cutting or beginning assembly
  • Follow all the safety instructions provided for your tools (I know, its in the manual. Read it.)
  • Follow your state/town/community guidelines and laws regarding agricultural and homesteading activities.

I make no warranty of any kind on the assembly and use of these DIY projects. Everything here is designed to inspire and replicate, and is only intended for informational and entertainment purposes only.

By viewing, downloading, or following these plans, the user acknowledges that they have read and followed all associated manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions of the tools and materials used.


  1. I just discovered your website by following a link from “The Family Handyman” to the console table. I’m looking forward to seeing all your projects. We are buying a home soon and I have already asked for the console and charging table. Oh, and the LED lighting for the pantry is great! My best Regards! Jane Ann

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