Mama bunny

Just a short update here: We decided to get some bunnies! We got two super cute Rex rabbits from this feed store we know and love that sold us out chickens a while back.

We name them Max and Zug Zug.

Baby bunnies are the most chill creatures. They don’t yet know to be scared of things so you can just pick em up and they will sit with you forever. I’ve put them in my hoodie’s front pocket and they stay in there and fall asleep for hours while I work at my desk upstairs. They can feel your heartbeat and feel safe when they do, so they just pass right out.

We’ve been handling them every day for at least a few minutes to get them tame, and so far they have been very excited to see us each day when we come out to pet them and feed them. They’ll eat right out of your hand and will lick your fingers until you take your hand away. I’ve been working on expanding their pen so they have a lot of room to jump and hop around and I’ll post again about the pen setup later so if anyone else wants to give it a go, they will have the basic requirements for a pen.


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      Rabbits in the U.S. are much easier as they dont really need any vaccinations. Nothing is required either. In the United Kingdom, vets give shots for two rabbit diseases transmitted by wild rabbits: Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD).

      Fleas and ticks are just as easy, they dont really get them. They keep themselves, and their pen mates very clean. Ideally, you would want their pen area to be clean enough that they arent fighting these things all the time, and I foresee ticks being a bigger nuisance, but Ive never seen anything attached to my rabbits, and they live directly next to my chickens and quail so its not 100% clean.

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